Port Hope resident arrested for driving while impaired – almost strikes police car

On December 7, 2020 Port Hope Police received a complaint from a concerned citizen about a vehicle that had exited the 401 into Port Hope.

The vehicle was reportedly driving at low speeds while on the 401, was unable to maintain a lane, and the driver was also seen sleeping at the wheel.

The concerned citizen followed the vehicle into Port Hope, to provide location updates to officers. Upon locating the vehicle, Port Hope Police officers had to avoid being hit by the vehicle as it was driving down the center of Cavan Street.

Despite lights being activated the driver, Heayn continued driving into a nearby parking lot. Heayn was arrested around 7:00 pm on December 7, 2020.

Heayn is charged with:
-operation while impaired -alcohol and drugs,
-adult fail to comply with probation order
-operation while prohibited x3.

Heayn was held in custody for a bail hearing pending December 8, 2020.

Port Hope Police are seeing an increase in impaired drivers. Please do your job by keeping the roads safe and planning ahead for a sober ride home. We are out conducting RIDE checks regularly.

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