Cobourg Police Service increasing patrols following an increase of package thefts

Recently, members of the public have contacted the Cobourg Police Service with reports of parcels being stolen from porches in the area of Carlisle Street in West Park Village.

As a result of the seasonal increase in doorway deliveries of parcels, uniformed members of the Cobourg Police Service have increased neighbourhood patrols in the Town of Cobourg.

With more people shopping online and holiday shopping in full swing, the opportunity for parcel theft from porches increases. ‘Porch pirates’ are individuals who steal packages left by a courier on doorsteps or porches. This crime is most often a crime of opportunity but can be more organized with thieves following delivery trucks on their route.

The Cobourg Police Service encourages residents to report any suspicious persons or activity.  You can call the business line or file a report online if you fall victim to parcel theft. If you have surveillance cameras on your property, ensure they are fully powered and have adequate storage or internet access.

When making a purchase online or sending a package, take the time to check the delivery options to set up drop off dates, drop off locations, set up signed delivery, and parcel tracking.

Tips to protect against parcel theft:

  • Most companies offer a tracking number. Use it to know when the package is expected to be arriving.
  • Arrange to have the package delivered when you are home or ask a trusted neighbour to bring the parcel inside their home when it arrives.
  • Have packages delivered to your work (where that is allowed), to a Canada Post office or an authorized shipping centre.
  • Install a motion sensor camera or doorbell cameras.  Ensure they have adequate storage devices, as well as proper connections to power and internet where required
  • Get a ‘safe drop’ or locked mailbox for packages.
  • Report suspicious activity to police.

If you have had a parcel stolen or want to report suspicious activity, report online by visiting the Cobourg Police Service website

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