Cobourg Police Service Selective Traffic Enforcement Project (S.T.E.P.) postponed to help prevent transmission of COVID-19

Cobourg Police Service Selective Traffic Enforcement Project (S.T.E.P.) initiative will be put on hold until further notice to help prevent transmission of the coronavirus.

The Cobourg Police Service is determined to make our community roadways as safe as possible through education and enforcement. The Cobourg Police Service has enhanced traffic patrols with S.T.E.P.; the project focuses on a different topic monthly.

The Cobourg Police Service recognizes the increase in COVID-19 cases and current lockdown measures that have been put in place by the Government of Ontario. In an effort to help minimize close contact with the public and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, the Cobourg Police Service is postponing S.T.E.P. monthly initiatives until a later date. When health restrictions are lifted or relaxed, and it is deemed safe, S.T.E.P. will resume. Officers will maintain enforcement as required to keep roads safe for everyone.

Drivers are reminded to practice safe winter driving habits so that everyone gets to where they are going safely. Here are some helpful tips for motorists when driving during winter conditions:

  • Ensure your vehicle is clear of frost and snow to provide the best visibility possible.
  • Slow down, remember that posted speed limits are intended for ideal road conditions.
  • Leave more space between your vehicle and the one ahead of you to allow for slippery stops.
  • Keep your headlights on all the time – do not rely on daytime running lights.
  • Low beam lights are more effective than high beam lights in fog or heavy snow conditions.
  • Signal well in advance of turning to give other motorists time to anticipate and react.
  • Install winter rated tires and pack a winter emergency kit in your vehicle.

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