It was around 2:44 pm that emergency services were called to an address on Dunnette Landing Road in Alnwich/Haldimand Township for a fully engulfed 35ft trailer. Thick black smoke could be seen for a distance.

Emergency services were quick to arrive, however it was a total loss for the camper trailer. Members of the Alnwick/Haldimand Fire Department were quick to extinguish the fire, and protect any nearby dwellings.

An estimation to loss value has not yet been determined, however the trailer owner lost everything he had in the fire including tools, and life saving.

The trailer owner and his six year old Yorkie were able to escape the blaze without injury.

The owner told Northumberland County Breaking News Feed that at the time of the fire he was heating some frozen pipes with a heat gun when insulation in the wall caught fire. He was able to use a fire extinguisher, however it was not able to knockdown the fast growing fire. He also explained that the trailer was not insured.

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