The Peterborough Police Service is currently investigating the report of a missing child. Eleven-year-old Carter Ryan Pollock was last seen walking out of the Peterborough Region Health Centre on January 19, 2021 at approximately 10:00 am. The boy is seen approaching a dark grey pick-up truck but then walks away. Police have received several tips and information on the boy’s whereabouts and continue to follow-up those leads.


  • Male, white
  • 4’10”, thin build
  • Black hat worn backwards
  • Green framed eyeglasses
  • White hoody with black markings on arm
  • Grey sweat pants
  • Black sneakers

The police have concern for the child’s safety and would like to locate immediately. If anyone is harboring the child or misleading police during the investigation please come forward immediately to help us locate the child safe and sound. Police want to remind the public that it is a criminal offence to obstruct police during an investigation.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Peterborough Police at 705-876-1122 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-tips (8477) or Crime Stoppers Online: http://stopcrimehere.ca/.

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