A man has been arrested for impaired operation of a vehicle after a traffic stop on Division Street.

On the evening of January 23, police on patrol conducted a traffic stop of a motor vehicle travelling at a low rate of speed on Division Street with the lights off.

As a result of the police investigation, 36-year-old Bradley Bridges of Cobourg was charged with the following offences:

1. Impaired Operation contrary to Section 320.14(1)(a) of the Criminal Code of Canada

2. Impaired Operation – blood alcohol concentration 80+ contrary to Section 320.14(1)(b) of the Criminal Code of Canada

3. Obstruct police officer contrary to section 129(a) of the Criminal Code of Canada

4. Drive motor vehicle – no licence contrary to section 32(1) of the Highway Traffic Act

5. Have care or control of vehicle with cannabis readily available contrary to section 12(1) of the Cannabis Control Act

6. Drive without proper headlights – motor vehicle contrary to section 62(1) of the Highway Traffic Act.

The accused was released from custody on an Appearance Notice with a pending court date.

One comment

  1. And to be right yes I drove my buddy home after work but as for the charges they are bull shit and not right no reason to pull me over in first place was going two blocks away one beer hours before and they impound my friends car pulled right up pulled my door open did not ask for id exc pulled me physically out of car with quite a few witnessis car was 100 %
    good like just bull shit so like every one is saying of what’s going on in the world no joke it’s coming true corrupt cops it’s what they say matters lmfao going to laugh right at toys when all gets thrown out just reamber witnesis and record


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