On January 26, 2021 at approximately 5:00pmmembers of the Peterborough County Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) responded to a call for assistance in locating an overdue person. Information was that an individual had left a location near Burleigh Falls and gone for a walk out onto Lovesick Lake. A second individual, the caller to police, had communicated with the overdue person who advised they had falling through the ice and were cold. The caller then proceeded to follow the footprints of the person out onto the ice in attempts to locate them. Members of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) along with the Municipality of Trent Lakes Fire Department attended and were able to locate the missing individuals on an island in Lovesick Lake. Both were transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of mild hypothermia. 

The Peterborough County OPP urges the public to practice proper ice safety. Conditions can change dramatically from lake-to-lake or bay-to-bay. Proper safety equipment can reduce the risks of travelling over ice covered bodies of water. Items such as wearing survival suits, carrying ice picks, and a rescue rope can help. Remember, no ice is safe ice. Do not put yourself and others at risk.

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