It was just after 7 PM on this evening that emergency services were called to Highway 401 in the eastbound lanes near mile marker 504.5 for a roll-over MVC.

Cramahe Township Fire Department responded to the scene along with Northumberland County OPP and Northumberland paramedics.

It is believed that a grey Jeep SUV travelling eastbound on the 401 left its lane of travel and struck the guard rail causing it to roll-over. a witness told us that the vehicle rolled many times before coming to a stop on its roof.

The guard rail was destroyed in the collision and will require repair likely to take place tomorrow morning with the assistance of day light. Cramahe Township Fire Department utilized the jaws-of-life to cut the metal guard rail that obstructed lane 2 of the highway.

One person was extricated by Cramahe Township Fire Department along with Northumberland County Paramedics and was transported to hospital in unknown condition.

One person was arrested on scene for unknown reasons, we will have an update on this when one becomes available.

Highway 401 eastbound remains closed at CR-25 while crews work to remove the vehicle and remove the debris field from the highway. The highway is expected to re-open in a matter of moments.

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  1. Slow down but no since telling that to a drunk. Dam when are they going to learn. We need stiffer penaltys for impaired drivets wether its alcohol. Or drugs. Take there drivers licence away for at least 5 years


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