Earlier this afternoon, a member of the community attempted to hand over a WW2 1940’s mortar round to the Ontario Provincial Police in Brighton.

The mortar was found while a renovation crew was doing work on an older home. The finder immediately took the mortar to the nearest OPP detachment (Brighton) to turn it over to authorities.

Northumberland OPP called the explosives disposal unit with Canadian Forces who attended the scene to dispose of the mortar from CFB Trenton.

We got an exclusive look at the mortar round that was not fused, and deemed safe by military personnel.

The parking lot was closed off by Northumberland OPP to the Brighton Detachment, and the Ontario ministry of agriculture & food for some time to contain the area.

At no time was there any threat to public safety. The mortar is in the process of being safely transported to the Canadian Forces base in Trenton.

All emergency personnel have since cleared the scene.

If you find military ordnance or explosive devices please DO NOT TOUCH IT or transport it. These devices still pose a risk of detonation and can be highly unstable. Remove yourself from the location and contact your local police agency.

The OPP and the Canadian Armed Forces have trained experts who will attend the location of the device and decide the safest method for its removal and disposal.

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