Many are left wondering what happened in their communities today following a heavy RCMP presence in both Cramahe Township and the Municipality of Port Hope.

Nearby residents leaving for work today reported seeing a heavy police presence as early as 5:30AM on CR-25 in Cramahe Township. Members of the Office of the Fire Marshal, Cramahe Fire Department, Ontario Ministry of Environment and OPP (not local) were also seen parked along CR-25 in the area. The same is true for a location in Port Hope where a similar situation took place

While on scene we were assured that there was no threat to public safety. From the road, a gate could be seen that had evidently been forcefully removed from a closed or locked position leading to a property. Two buildings and several enclosed trailers could be seen from public view with no single area being a main focus.

After reaching out to the RCMP Media Relations we have been unsuccessful at getting answers for what happened today in Cramahe Township and the Municipality of Port Hope getting as far as an automatic answering machine. As soon as we receive an update on this situation we will update the story.

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