A 55 year-old missing person has been located in Alnwick/Haldimand Township. This individual who will remain un-named for privacy reasons was reported missing three days ago by concerned family members to the Toronto Police Service. Family and friends were concerned for this individuals well being.

This individual was last seen in Toronto driving a black Honda pick-up truck in the area of The Queensway and Park Lawn Rd.

Through past knowledge and off a whim a family friend was asked to check out a known area to the individual where he would frequent in the summer. The male was found a short time ago by that same family friend at a Northumberland Trail parking lot along CR-45 safe and in good health.

With the assistance of the Northumberland OPP and Northumberland Paramedics the individual was checked out and transported to a local hospital to be checked out where his family awaited.

This is the second missing person to be found in Northumberland County since the start of 2021. Our emergency services did an amazing job in both cases to ensure the safety of the missing parties. To our emergency services – Great job, and thank you!

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