Charges pending following an early morning stabbing north of Bewdley

Around 5:30am this morning Northumberland OPP received a call from Northumberland Paramedics who were responding to an address near Byers Rd and Arrowhead Rd on the shores of Rice Lake for a possible stabbing. Members of the Northumberland OPP responded from around the county to assist first arriving officers.

Due to the severity of the call OPP had Paramedics stage close to the address but not on scene. As soon as the scene was safe, Paramedics moved in to treat one victim who had been stabbed.

At this time, limited information is available as this is still an active investigation. We know that charges are pending against one person who was taken into custody by Northumberland OPP. The victim was transported to hospital by paramedics with serious but non life threatening injuries.

OPP are holding the crime scene to prevent contamination of the scene as OPP Crime unit is responding to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident. Further information will be released throughout the day as the investigation continues.


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