Shortly before 6PM this evening a radio call went across to dispatch from two officers in Brighton advising that their police issued vehicle was fully engulfed by flames.

The officers had just filled the vehicle with fuel at the Shell gas station on Telephone Rd a short time before. While exiting the gas station the officers noticed smoke coming from the engine bay of the vehicle. They parked the vehicle on the shoulder of Telephone Rd and within seconds the whole front end of the vehicle was fully engulfed by flames. Thankfully the officers were able to quickly escape from the vehicle without sustaining any injuries. The officers were unable to retrieve their OPP issued semi-automatic riffles (C-8’s) from the vehicle so they quickly evacuated the immediate area.

We have learned that the vehicle has just recently been serviced at a dealership however it is unknown where it was serviced or what it was serviced for. It is reported that live ammunition rounds could be heard exploding from within the vehicle during the fire. Police equipment such as the lighting system, radar equipment, and the vehicles MDT were destroyed in the fire along with other items. The fire in the vehicle quickly spread throughout the interior into the trunk area.

OPP Provincial Constable Robert Simpson stated “The officers were able to exit their vehicle safely and there are no reported injuries. County Rd 30 was closed down briefly to safely extinguish the fire. All roadways are now open.” Also stating that the fire was started after a “mechanical issue”.

Brighton Fire and Rescue Services were quick to respond to the scene and safely extinguish the fire. Taking precautions of coarse due to the report of ammunition exploding, the fire was officially knocked-down at 6:25PM. No injuries were sustained during this incident. Northumberland Paramedics were on scene standing by incase injuries were sustained during the fire fight.

Our first responders did an outstanding job at quickly and professionally containing the scene and ensuring the safety of the nearby community.

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