Members of the Peterborough County Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) were conducting radar patrol on Highway 7 yesterday evening.

Shortly after 8:00pm, an officer clocked a vehicle travelling at 153km/h in a posted 80km/h zone. The driver was arrested and a search of the vehicle was conducted. A loaded 9mm handgun, 383 grams of cocaine, 13.5 grams of fentanyl, 39 grams of cannabis, cash and other drug paraphernalia were seized from the vehicle. (See attached photo)

Wendall FROMAN (age 30) of Peterborough, Ontario was charged with: 

• Possession of a Schedule I substance for the purpose of trafficking-cocaine

• Possession of a Schedule I substance for the purpose of trafficking-opioid

• Knowledge of unauthorized possession of firearm

• Occupant of motor vehicle knowing there was prohibited or restricted weapon

• Possession of loaded prohibited or restricted firearm

• Race a motor vehicle-excessive speed

• Possession of firearm or ammunition contrary to prohibition order

• Possession of proceeds of property obtained by crime under $5000

The accused had their drivers licence suspended and vehicle impounded for seven days.

The accused is scheduled to appear in the Ontario Court of Justice for a bail hearing later today.

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