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On March 24, 2021, at 11:44 pm, police attended an alarm at a business in the downtown area of Cobourg. Upon arrival, police discovered the front window had been broken, and the building had been entered.

Subsequent to police investigation, a man was found in possession of stolen property.

As a result, 34-year-old Robert CLEMENTS was arrested and charged with the following:

  1. Break and enter commit an indictable offence contrary to section 348(1)(b) of the Criminal Code
  2. Possession of property obtained by crime under $5000 contrary to section 355(b) of the Criminal Code
  3. Being intoxicated in a public place contrary to section 31(4) of the Liquor Licence Act
  4. Fail to Comply with probation contrary to section 733.1(1) of the Criminal Code

CLEMENTS was released on an undertaking with a future court date.

Crime Prevention for Businesses 

The Cobourg Police Service reminds business owners of the importance of maintaining and updating video surveillance equipment. Quality images help identify suspects, aid in arrests, and have a tremendous impact during court proceedings.

If a business is well kept, it will discourage potential thieves. Follow the tips listed below to keep your business secure. 

  • Do a thorough cleaning of windows and floors and log when it was done so that investigators will have a timeline to work with if a break-in happens 
  • Remove valuables from your store display 
  • Remove all cash from tills and leave open with the cash tray out and visibly empty 
  • Ensure alarm systems are working and all contact lists are up to date 
  • Post on doors/windows that an alarm company monitors the premises and that no money is kept on the premises 
  • Consider a surveillance system that can be monitored remotely by phone or online 
  • Consider putting a laminate on all windows/glass to discourage and help prevent easy entry 
  • Keep some lighting on inside to help with video surveillance and consider lighting on timers if possible 
  • Ensure all doors and windows are locked and secure 
  • Ensure all exterior lighting is functioning and on — consider motion sensor lights as another option 
  • Remove anything on the exterior which could be used to gain entry to your premises (bricks, ladders, poles, construction materials) 
  • Regularly check your business and keep a log of when you last attended. Try and make your checks at different hours during the day/night 

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