On April 19, 2021, the Town of Cobourg will be soft launching Cobourg Rides, a town-wide, demand based, public transit service available to all residents and visitors on a trial basis.   

The Town of Cobourg, along with current transportation operator Century Transportation has partnered with RideCo, a technology company that will be providing on-demand shared rides. RideCo’s software optimizes the rides in order to accommodate as many people with as few vehicles as possible to ensure they reach their destinations in a reliable way. 

“We are thrilled to join Century Transportation and partner with RideCo to launch this innovative new mode of public transit that will provide an improved customer experience for riders and increase transit ridership,” said Councillor Brian Darling, Coordinator of Public Works for the Town of Cobourg. “This demand-based transit service will provide our community with cost-effective travel options and improved passenger experience in an effort to make parts of Cobourg more accessible.”

The Cobourg Rides On-Demand Transit Trial will be launched in two distinct phases to ensure a successful adoption of this new mode of operation. The first phase will begin on April 19th providing WHEELS transit members with access to on-demand transit for all hours of operations and all riders the option of utilizing the on-demand service in the evenings and on weekends. Riders can also still continue to use utilize the Conventional Transit (fixed route) during the weekdays until 5 p.m. The second phase will begin on June 14th and will see all services for both WHEELS and Conventional Transit riders switch to the on-demand model of operation. 

How to Book a Ride – Three Convenient Ways
The Cobourg Rides on-demand transit trial will offer riders the opportunity of booking a ride up to three weeks in advance, or just minutes in advance. Booking a ride can be done in one of three ways: 

1) Using the ‘Pick-Up On-Demand’ App*
2) Booking Online
3) Calling 905-373-0582 

Riders are asked to wait at the curb for pick-up and ride to their destination and are also reminded that masks are mandatory during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

*The ‘Pick-Up On-Demand’ App is available for download on Google Play and the Apple store.

Phase 1 – Soft Launch for WHEELS Members and All Riders
Date: Beginning April 19, 2021 until June 13, 2021. 

WHEELS Members: All WHEELS members interested in using the Cobourg Rides on-demand service will be able to book rides during the following hours of transit operations: 

Note: WHEELS members are asked to please call the booking number first before utilizing the Pick-Up App to ensure their account and email address has been approved as a WHEELS member. 

All Riders: All riders interested in using the Cobourg Rides on-demand service will be able to book rides during the following hours of transit operations: 

Call Centre Operating Hours for All Riders:

Conventional Transit (Fixed Route) service will still be offered to riders from Monday to Friday from 6:15 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Phase 2 – Full On-Demand Service Begins for WHEELS Members and All Riders
Date: Beginning June 14, 2021.

The Cobourg Rides on-demand service will now be fully implemented across both WHEELS and Conventional Transit during the following regular hours: 

All Riders Including WHEELS:

Note: Route 1 and 2 Conventional Transit will no longer be available during Trial Phase #2.

More Information on Cobourg Rides On-Demand Transit Trial
For more information on the Cobourg Rides On-Demand Transit Trial including how to book, how to pay, pick up and ride service please visit www.cobourg.ca/rides or call the Public Works Division at 905-372-4555.

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