SIU Discontinues Belleville Investigation

The Director of the Special Investigations Unit, Joseph Martino, has terminated an investigation into the hospitalization of a 34-year-old man last month in Belleville.

On the afternoon of February 20, 2021, the man entered a store on North Front Street in Belleville and caused a disturbance. As a result, an employee of the store contacted the police. Before officers with the Belleville Police Service arrived, the man had been ushered out of the store by another store employee. Once outside the store, the man – who was unsteady – fell several times on the slippery surface outside, banging his head in the process. Attending officers spoke with the man, and he was taken to hospital by paramedics. The man was reportedly intubated and spent time in the ICU.

Director Martino said, “Based on the SIU’s preliminary inquiries, I am satisfied that there is patently nothing to investigate as far as the potential criminal liability of any police officer is concerned vis-à-vis the man’s hospital admission. On this record, it is plain and obvious that no police officer caused or contributed to whatever condition resulted in the man’s admission to hospital. Accordingly, the investigation is hereby discontinued and the file is closed.”

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