Flags fly at half-mast to mark the passing of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Flags at all Northumberland County buildings will fly at half-mast today in tribute to His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who passed away this morning at age 99. Husband to Canada’s Head of State, Queen Elizabeth II, the Duke of Edinburgh is recog­nized for his nearly 70 years of service as British consort to the sovereign.

“Northumberland County adds its sympathies to the swell of condolences and respect offered by Canadians to the Queen and Royal Family at this time,” states County Warden Bob Crate. “In his role as consort to the Queen, Prince Philip carried out over 22,000 public royal engagements, over 630 overseas visits, and acted as patron to nearly 800 charities. It was as part of these duties that he joined the Queen on official visits to the Municipality of Port Hope in 1959, and the Town of Cobourg in 1973 on Royal Tours of Canada. Our community was honoured to receive the Royal couple on these occasions, and we now ex­press both our fond memories of this history and our gratitude for the Prince’s service as he is laid to rest.”

County flags will remain at half-mast for five days, or until the day of the me­morial service to mark the Duke’s passing.

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