No Charges to Issue in Relation to Collision Between Bicycle and Police Vehicle in Presqu’ile Provincial Park

In the morning of June 27, 2020, a 56-year-old man was riding a bicycle in Presqu’ile Provincial Park in Brighton when he became involved in a collision with an unmarked Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) vehicle. The impact sent the man and his bicycle tumbling to the ground, resulting in him sustaining a serious injury.

The Director of the Special Investigations Unit, Joseph Martino, has determined there are no reasonable grounds to believe that the officer operating the OPP vehicle committed a criminal offence in connection with the collision and the man’s injury.

On June 27, 2020, at 12:30 p.m., an officer was on general patrol in the Presqu’ile Park, Trenton. As the officer drove across a cycle path, the Complainant rode into the cruiser striking it on the passenger side. The Complainant fell off his bicycle and landed on the ground. EMS attended and took the Complainant to the Trenton Memorial Hospital where he was assessed.

The Complainant was released from the hospital with a possible separated shoulder. He was told to return back to the hospital within six or seven weeks for further assessment. The OPP was processing the scene at the time of notification and taking measurements.

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