A man arrested by the Cobourg Police Service was released after appearing before the Ontario Court of Justice on drug charges

Last night, members of the Cobourg Police Service arrested Prince Owusu, a 22-year-old male from Brampton, on drug related charges in the Town of Cobourg.

Upon arrest, police investigation revealed that the Owusu was currently on release conditions for armed robbery charges stemming from a Greater Toronto Area investigation in 2018. He was also on a house arrest condition, meaning he was not to be away from the residence without his surety.

This afternoon, on appearing before a Justice of the Peace at the Ontario Court of Justice, Prince Owusu was released on similar conditions to the same surety.

“Here we have an individual who, after allegedly committing violent offences, is released. He comes to our community to participate in the drug trade. Cobourg Police arrest him, and he willingly obstructs by offering a false name. How can it be that today, once again, he is released,” says Chief Paul VandeGraaf, Cobourg Police Service. “In following the Ministry’s own ladder approach, Owusu’s next step was detention. How did we go backwards? The system is not working. The release of this individual shows very clearly that we are not all on the same page when it comes to protecting our community. We are chasing our tails, and the good work of the women and men of my service goes to waste. We hear regularly that the drug issue in our community is a priority. We expend resources directly into making a difference. And when we do that, the system fails the community and the members of the Service.”

“It is disheartening for our members and our community. The ones who live through it every day, seeing that the police are actively working to make a difference and the courts do not support them in their efforts. The Cobourg Police Services Board fully supports Chief VandeGraaf and the incredible efforts of the Service members. Today’s release shows that we need to take a critical look at the current system and work together to protect our community.” – Chair Dean Pepper, Cobourg Police Services Board.

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