Northumberland County’s newest family resort opens – Adventure Bay Resort

Welcome to beautiful Gores Landing, Home to Adventure Bay Cottages. A 18 cottage, 1 lake house resort owned and maintained by Tue, and her family.

Tue and her parents immigrated to Canada in 1990. Her parents worked hard as factory workers until retiring in 2015. Tue worked as a school teacher near Brampton where she raised three children as a single mother.

In October 2020, Tue purchased the Adventure Bay resort which had been previously closed and sat vacant for two years. With the help of her family, they updated and renovated the resort and opened in December.

With minimal business coming in due to it being an off peak season, Tue took the time to enjoy the great outdoors with her parents and three children.

We spent some time with Tue and her family today to see what Adventure Bay has to offer to its clients and we’re blown away! Amenities include an in ground pool, a playground for children, a beautiful sand beach, fishing access, boat rentals and even WIFI.

Tue, like many other business owners have had to adapt to the changes that Covid-19 has brought on. The current lock-down has made it almost impossible for Tue to conduct business but she remains optimistic and positive.

If you are looking for an ultimate getaway, Adventure bay is where you want to stay! As soon as the lockdowns lift and it is safe to do so we will be booking a getaway with the team!

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