Port Hope Police are warning the community after a community member was scammed by the “CRA”

A young women in the community fell victim to a fraud. The women received a phone call from a “Jason Brown ” badge # SIM4464802. Brown claimed to be from the Department of Justice. The male provided a phone number of 905-858-2637 of the Newmarket courthouse.

According to Brown he told the victim her sin card was involved in an identity theft crime in south border Nunavut involving money laundering, drug smuggling, and opening up different bank accounts under BMO, CIBC, RBC, and TD. The victim was told if she did not verify who she was all her accounts would be frozen for six (6) months.

The victim was later transferred to a Senior Federal Officer with the name of “Mark Hamilton”. The victim was told to follow their instructions and transfer money from her visa and line of credit. She was instructed to attend a bit coin machine in the Oshawa Ontario area as it was the only government approved bit coin machine, and due to Covid all the Government buildings were closed. The victim was told to stay on the phone with Hamilton and not to speak to anyone.

The victim was given instructions on how to complete the transactions through the bit coin machine. The victim completed two transactions using the bit coin machine which totaled $7,000.00 . She was then transferred to another male with the name of ” William White” who instructed the victim $300.00 more dollars was required to clear her name.

She was later told court was closed and they were not able to clear her name and another transaction of $1200.00 dollars was required which the victim completed. It was not until the victim returned back home to Port Hope she realized it seemed odd and telephoned her parents.

Please do not become victim to these crimes. Please call us. We are open 24/7. We will confirm any questions you may have about people asking for money. Hang up the phone, and call police. No one should be asking for money over the telephone.

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