Port Hope Police arrest 19-year-old for impaired operation – further charged with drug possession while carrying a prohibited weapon

Port Hope Police have arrested an Orono resident for impaired operation – alcohol and drugs.

On June 15, 2021 Police say they observed a male driver exit his vehicle at the Port Hope Town Hall with very slow deliberate movements. An officer asked 19-year-old William Cole if he had been drinking to which he answered “no”.

Police could see the man unsteady on his feet and leaning on his vehicle for balance.

Shortly after the accused was arrested for operation while impaired – alcohol and drugs.

Police say they searched the vehicle which revealed a variety of pills, one of them being identified as hydromorphone. Located in the vehicle was also an extendable baton.

Coles was charged with operation while impaired – alcohol and drugs, possession of a schedule l substance, and possession of a prohibited device or ammunition.

Coles was released on an undertaking with conditions. He will appear in court in July to answer to his charges.

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