Earlier today, K9ine security received a call from a resident of Gores Landing who reported a boat tied to the municipal dock. The boat was partially sunken, sitting aground.

K9ine security works with Hamilton Township providing the township with by-law enforcement. Without hesitation, David jumped in his truck and headed for Gores Landing.

Upon arrival he saw the boat sitting on the lakes floor waiting to damage other boats using the municipal dock.

David, his family, and K9 partner Molly worked to free the boat from the lake floor with the assistance of the owners of Adventure Bay Park and Austin with Northumberland County Breaking News Feed. Together, they dragged the sunken boat out of the lake with K9ines patrol truck and have since stored it.

If you know the owner or have information regarding who may have left it behind please contact Hamilton Township or K9ine Security.

Great job by all tonight in getting this hazard removed.

By NewsChaserNTHLD

I have been bringing Northumberland County and its surrounding areas relevant news as it happens since 2019.

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