Town of Cobourg – Collaborative Bylaw Enforcement Efforts Continue at Victoria Park Beach

The Town of Cobourg in collaboration with the Cobourg Police Service would like to provide a community update regarding the ongoing bylaw enforcement efforts at the Victoria Park Beach.

The Cobourg Police Service and the Town of Cobourg’s Bylaw Enforcement Officers continue to work closely together to educate and prevent further bylaw offences from occurring on the Victoria Park Beach. Beachgoers are reminded that both the Cobourg Police Service and Bylaw Enforcement Officers actively patrol the Victoria Park Beach from Monday through until Sunday and will ticket for noncompliance. 

“We have to ensure that Town bylaws are being enforced and that Victoria Park Beach is being respectfully utilized,” said Chief Paul VandeGraaf of the Cobourg Police Service. “Aside from issuing tickets and citations for non-compliance, we are also working collaboratively to educate beachgoers on the rules of the beach, particularly that there are no BBQs, alcohol or dogs permitted as outlined in the Parks Use Bylaw.”

As a direct result of the Victoria Park Beach and waterfront area enforcement efforts the following statistics during the week of August 2-8, 2021, were collected. These analytics provide an overview of the types of citations and warnings issued on a regular basis due to non-compliance: 

Provincial Offences Tickets/Citations:
A total of 23 tickets and citations were laid, including: 

  • 7 – Liquor Licence Act Ticket’s (Sec 31(2))
  • 1 – “Possession of Liquor in Recreational areas within the Town of Cobourg” – Alcohol Bylaw 003-2012 Section 2.
  • 6 – Smoking in Public Area Ticket (019-2015 Sec. 2)
  • 3 – BBQ on Beach (022-2016 Sec. 14.1)
  • 2 – Dog on beach tickets issued under (022-2016 Section 30.3 (d))
  • 2 – Tent Enclosure on beach using enclosed port-a-potty and enclosed refuse to open camping style (022-2016 Sec. 18)
  • 2 – Trespass at the Light House – Individual enter premises when entry prohibited” – Trespass to Property Act 2(1)(a)(i)

August 7, 2021:

1.   LLA – 31 (2) – Open liquor container on beach
2.   LLA – 31 (2) – Open liquor container on beach
3.   LLA – 31 (2) – Open liquor container on beach
4.   LLA – 31 (2) – Open liquor container on beach
5.   TPA – 2 (1)(a)(i) – Engage in prohibited activity on premises – Observe Male walking back from Lighthouse on pier
6.   By-Law – 020- 2015 (2) – Smoking in public, Outdoor Space.

August 8, 2021:

1.   LLA – 31 (2) – Open liquor container on beach
2.   LLA – 31 (2) – Open liquor container on beach
3.   BBQ on Beach (022-2016 Sec. 14.1)
4.   By-Law – 020- 2015 (2) – Smoking in public outdoor space
5.   By-Law – 020- 2015 (2) – Smoking in public Outdoor space
6.   By-Law – 020- 2015 (2) – Smoking in public Outdoor space
7.   BBQ on Beach (022-2016 Sec. 14.1) 

Parking Tickets: 
A total of 133 electronic parking tickets were laid. Beachgoers are reminded to utilize the Honk Mobile App to pay and top up their parking fees online. Bylaw Enforcement Officers observed nearly every vehicle was utilizing the app and that the average person was paying the $20/day parking fee. 

The Parks Use Bylaw 022-2016 is a bylaw that regulates, manages, protects, controls and governs the use and maintenance of all public parks, public open spaces, including the beach, harbour, trails and other public facilities within the Town of Cobourg. 

As a reminder, the Parks Use Bylaw does not permit individuals on the Victoria Park Beach to: 

  • Consume alcohol
  • Bring dogs on the beach
  • Utilize the beach between the hours of 11 p.m. until 7 a.m.
  • Light bonfires
  • Use a BBQ or cooking device
  • Operate loud speakers or sound amplifying equipment
  • Install or erect a permanent enclosed tent or structure 

For more information please read the complete Parks Use Bylaw 022-2016 or contact the Legislative Services Department at 905-372-4301 or by emailing

The Town of Cobourg’s Bylaw Enforcement Officers have the authority to enforce all Town bylaws. The Town and Cobourg Police Service respectfully request cooperation from all those persons enjoying the Victoria Park Beach during the remaining summer season. 

Reporting Non-Compliance at the Victoria Park Beach
Residents and visitors are urged to continue reporting compliance and enforcement issues by calling the Town of Cobourg at 905-372-4301, the Cobourg Police Service at 905-372-6821 or by emailing

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