Cobourg Police Services Board postpones decision on body-worn camera program to ensure the best outcome for the community and the police service

COBOURG (August 17, 2021) – At the Cobourg Police Services Board (the Board) meeting today, the Board deferred a decision on a body-worn camera program until the full Board membership could weigh in.

The Cobourg Police Services Board takes their role in community safety and wellbeing seriously. Deploying body-worn cameras would significantly impact the operations of the police service, interactions with community members, and the budget. With this in mind, the Board postponed further action on body-worn cameras until all board members could be present. (Two board members were unable to attend today’s meeting.)

“Over the last few months, the Board has received a detailed report and thorough presentation on the potential of a body-worn camera program for the Service. We have engaged with stakeholders in several ways to ensure community members could be informed and provide feedback to the Board for consideration,” says Chair Dean Pepper, Cobourg Police Services Board. “We respond to community needs and support service members by making decisions that are transparent and fiscally responsible, always striving to be accountable and maintain public trust. That is why the Board has deferred the decision on a body-worn camera program in Cobourg until all members of the Board could be present to participate and share their perspective.”

The body-worn camera program for the Service will be on the agenda at the next board meeting in September or at a special meeting. An update will be provided once details are available.

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