NCHC, County & Habitat partner to repurpose materials from Elgin Park Redevelopment

Today, members of the Board of Directors for the Northumberland County Housing Corporation (NCHC), together with Northumberland County staff, joined Habitat for Humanity Northumberland staff and volunteers at the site of the Elgin Park Redevelopment in Cobourg to launch the process to salvage and repurpose materials from eight units that are slated for demolition. These units will be removed to accommodate space for 20 new units due to be constructed by the end of 2022 as part of an affordable housing redevelopment project.

Key items such as doors, cabinets and plumbing fixtures that are in good condition and able to be reused will be donated to ReStore―Habitat for Humanity’s non-profit home improvement centre. The materials will be sold at a discounted price to generate revenue in support of Habitat for Humanity’s homebuilding program, which provides affordable housing for local families in Northumberland County.

Volunteers salvaging materials to donate to ReStore from units that are slated for demolition at the Elgin Park Redevelopment site

“As we begin construction to ultimately increase the number of subsidized and market rental housing units at Elgin Park from 18 to 40 units, this partnership with Habitat for Humanity will allow us to divert waste from the landfill by repurposing materials from retired units,” states NCHC Board of Directors Chair Gil Brocanier. “We are glad to know that these materials will continue to go to excellent use, supporting families and affordable housing initiatives in Northumberland.”

“Habitat for Humanity Northumberland is thrilled at the opportunity to work with the NCHC to salvage items from these units,” says Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity Northumberland Meaghan Macdonald. “We support the NCHC’s redevelopment of Elgin Park as they increase the number of subsidized and market rent units available, and this salvage is a great way for us to show this support while diverting products from landfill and generating revenue for the Habitat homebuilding program.”

In addition to salvaging materials for ReStore, the retired buildings will also be repurposed as a training site for the Cobourg Fire Department prior to the demolition.

“The Elgin Park Redevelopment project has proven to be an excellent example of community collaboration,” states County Warden Bob Crate. “In addition to the expansion of our local affordable housing stock to address a critical need in our community, the innovative partnerships formed between the NCHC, Northumberland County, Habitat for Humanity Northumberland and the Cobourg Fire Department will ensure we’re minimizing waste and maximizing community benefit.”

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