Students Head Back to Class in Safer Schools

Today, Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education, issued the following statement as students head back to class:

“I am proud of all Ontario students heading back to class, be it in-person or online. In keeping with the expert advice of Ontario’s pediatric hospitals and the Chief Medical Officer of Health, we have invested heavily in ventilation improvements to support safer schools. We have deployed standalone HEPA units into every kindergarten class, into every learning space without mechanical ventilation, and some school boards have gone even further by placing HEPA units in every classroom.

Our cautious plan is designed to minimize disruption and maximize safety — with a focus on ventilation improvements — so that your children can continue learning through the year.

While Ontario’s plan is cautious to protect students and staff, it also prioritizes learning recovery in reading and math. New supports for students from our youngest learners to those who will graduate this school year will help unlock their potential and bridge the gaps that arose last year.

To Ontario’s intelligent and kind student community, please continue to remain vigilant as we navigate this pandemic and know that your families, educators and government are proud of you.”

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