SIU Ceases Investigation into Crash Near OPP Road Closure in Port Hope

The Director of the Special Investigations Unit, Joseph Martino, has terminated an investigation into a case involving a man who suffered serious injuries in a collision near an Ontario Provincial Police-involved road closure in Port Hope.

Early on July 1, 2021, a man was driving home from work, travelling eastbound on Highway 401 when he came upon a road closure with pylons, police cruisers with their emergency lights activated and fire department vehicles. The man went into the lone lane on the far left and had nearly passed the scene when his vehicle was rear ended by a tractor trailer.

Director Martino said it appeared the driver of the tractor trailer was responsible for the collision. Further, he added it did not appear the setup of the road closure contributed to the collision. Thus, the investigation has been discontinued and the file has been closed.

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