Cobourg Police – October STEP program focuses on intersection safety

The Cobourg Police Service (CPS) is committed to keeping our community roadways safe for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians through education and enforcement.  CPS has enhanced traffic patrols with the Selective Traffic Enforcement Project (STEP), which focuses on a different topic each month. For October, STEP will be focused on Intersection Safety. 

Remembering the rules of the road and practicing safe driving habits when operating a motor vehicle is paramount for the safety of everyone using the roadways.

When approaching all intersections, pay close attention to the traffic lights, stop signs, or yield signs controlling them.

  • Be aware of other vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians
  • Check your blind spot
  • Be sure to scan surrounding sidewalks and paths as well as the roadways
  • Leave sufficient room between your vehicle and others
  • Use turn signals and brake lights to communicate your actions with others

Traffic Lights

Approaching an intersection controlled by traffic lights, drivers should slow down and be vigilant of their surroundings, watching out for pedestrians and other motor vehicles while at and within the intersections.  Be patient, do not speed through the intersection and always give extra room as other vehicles move through the intersection.

Stop Signs

Approaching an intersection controlled by a stop sign, drivers should slow down before the intersection and come to a complete stop.  A complete stop involves having no forward momentum (no movement forward) of the motor vehicle.  Once a complete stop is conducted and the intersection is clear, a driver can proceed with caution into the intersection or roadway while always being aware of their surroundings. 

Approaching an intersection controlled by a yield sign, drivers should slow down, ensure the roadway is clear and only proceed when safe to do so. If there is traffic, you must give the right of way and come to a complete stop until the path is clear.  

Drivers are reminded to be extra vigilant at intersections in residential neighbourhoods, School Zones and Community Safety Zones —especially during morning school start times, lunch times, and afternoon school end times when pedestrian traffic increases. If a crossing guard is present, always obey their directions.

Numerous charges exist related to Intersection Safety, as they are contrary to the Highway Traffic Act(HTA). Some examples of these are:

  • Red Light – Fail to Stop
  • Red Light – Proceed Before Green
  • Disobey Stop Sign – Fail to Stop
  • Disobey Stop Sign – Stop Wrong Place
  • Fail to Yield – Yield Sign
  • Fail to Yield to Pedestrian
  • Turn Not in Safety
  • Careless Driving

The above have fines starting at $110.00 and go up to $2000.00, ranging in demerit points from 3 to 6, depending on the HTA charge laid. 

Cobourg Police Service would like to remind motorists to pay attention to traffic lights, stop signs, yield signs, and crosswalks when approaching intersections. Be patient and be careful of children, families, and other individuals using area roadways.  Keep alert and have a safe October.

To learn more about safe driving in and around intersections, visit the Ontario Ministry of Transportation website.

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