Members of the Northumberland Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) spent the weekend conducting highly visible patrols, RIDE programs, and targeted enforcement, doing their part to keep drivers, passengers and other road users safe during Operation Impact (October 8-11, 2021).

A total of 200 traffic-related charges and warnings were issued by the OPP this weekend, targeting aggressive drivers, motorists under the influence of alcohol/drugs, inattentive drivers and road users who fail to wear a seat belt.

This included:

·       138 Speeding charges

·       4 Stunt driving charges

·       7 Seat belt charges

·       1 Distracted driving charges

·       7 Moving violation charges

·       1 Impaired charge – alcohol

·       2 warn range suspensions (alcohol)  

Furthermore, the Northumberland OPP responded to a total of 6 motor vehicle collisions over the Thanksgiving weekend.

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