Ontario Supporting Campbellford Memorial Hospital and Investing in
Health Care Infrastructure Upgrades and Repairs

To help strengthen the financial stability of public hospitals across the province, the Ontario government is providing up to $696.6 million this year to help cover historic working funds deficits of qualifying hospitals, with a focus on small, medium as well as specialty and rehabilitation hospitals. This includes $714,900 for Campbellford Memorial Hospital.


“Ontario’s hospitals have been on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic and our government is using every tool at our disposal to support them,” said MPP David Piccini. “This funding recognizes that our small, medium sized hospitals have faced ongoing and unique financial challenges that have been compounded through these unprecedented times. The Government of Ontario will continue to work with our hospital partners to ensure they have the financial support they need now and into the future.” 


This funding is a part of the over $1.2 billion investment previously announced to help hospitals recover from financial pressures created and worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic, while ensuring they can continue providing the high-quality care Ontarians need and deserve. 


“Campbellford Memorial Hospital is grateful to the unwavering support of MPP Piccini and the Ministry in releasing these funds,” said Dr. Bruce Bain, Chief of Staff, Acting President & CEO, Campbellford Memorial Hospital. “The hospital will utilize them to address current working capital pressures.”


Many Ontario hospitals are struggling with annual funding deficits which have been exacerbated by the pandemic. To ensure Ontario’s hospitals remain on stable financial footing at a critical time, the government is allocating this funding to help cover historic working funds deficits for qualifying public hospitals


Additionally, the Ontario government is investing $834,141 this year to support critical health care infrastructure upgrades, repairs and maintenance at Campbellford Memorial Hospital. This funding is part of the government’s $182.6 million investment provided through the Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund and the Community Infrastructure Renewal Fund.


“Creating a better physical environment for patients is critical to their recovery and care experience,” said MPP David Piccini. “This funding will ensure that patients can continue to access the care they need in safe, comfortable environments. These crucial investments will help build the capacity needed to end hallway health care, while ensuring our hospitals have the tools they need to improve the quality of care for patients.”


The government is providing $175 million to hospitals through the Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund and $7.6 million to community health service providers through the Community Infrastructure Renewal Fund. Funding from the province allows its health care system partners to address urgent infrastructure renewal needs such as upgrades or replacements of roofs, windows, security systems, fire alarms and back-up generators. A total of $50 million from the Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund will be used by hospitals for urgent projects, including those that support the health system response to COVID-19, such as upgrading HVAC systems to enhance patient and staff safety, and improving infection prevention and control measures.


“We are very pleased that the hospital has received funding for a new generator to support our patient care departments and the delivery of services to the Trent Hills community,” said Dr. Bruce Bain, Chief of Staff, Acting President & CEO, Campbellford Memorial Hospital.

The government continues to make record investments to support hospitals across the province and ensure the health care system is prepared to respond to any scenario. In March 2021, the government committed up to $696.6 million in funding to help cover historic working funds deficits and strengthen the financial stability of hospitals across the province.


“Funding to cover historic working funds deficits acknowledges the unique financial pressures faced by community hospitals in providing critical health care services during a pandemic,” said County Warden Bob Crate. “This investment will help to ensure Campbellford Memorial Hospital’s ongoing financial health so that our frontline health care workers can continue effectively tending to the health of our community. Furthermore, the investment of Health Infrastructure Renewal Funding will ensure that the quality care delivered by Campbellford Memorial Hospital staff is matched with a quality physical environment that enhances patient safety and comfort. We thank the Province for their continued partnership in providing responsive health care services to the residents of Trent Hills and area communities.”


Since the onset of the pandemic, Ontario has been working with its hospital partners to create unprecedented capacity and prepare to respond to any scenario. The government remains committed to supporting hospitals so that they can continue to care for Ontarians today and in the future.

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