June 25, 2022

Nickola Magnolia to release new album “Broken Lonesome”

Country new-comer (and Port Hope native) – Nickola Magnolia – will be releasing her new tune “Cocaine And A Dream” on Nov. 17 from her upcoming album “Broken Lonesome.”

Like many of the world’s most beloved country artists before her, Port Hope, Ontario’s Nickola Magnolia offers listeners a glimpse into her own life through honest and intimate songs of loss and heartache. While her themes are timeless, her take is unique and powerful, shaped by her singular experience Raised by an immigrant and a French Canadian, a tattoo artist and shop owner by day, Nickola was handed the key to the country music kingdom while she was living in the UK, hunting down pubs and open mics, and attended the wedding of two country musicians in London.

The couple sang ‘If I Needed You’ by Townes Van Zandt while exchanging their vows, and changed the course of Nickola’s life. Nicola Magnolia’s debut record, “Broken Lonesome”, produced by The Sheepdogs Jimmy Bowskill, and featuring members of Kathleen Edwards’ band, draws dinstictly on the country music tradition while veering uniquely into profound and personal lyrical themes which include change and learning where one belongs in the world, the death of friends by suicide and the opioid pandemic, painful heartbreak, and even the theme of becoming disillusioned with the limitations of expression in one’s own writing. At the record’s core, ‘Broken Lonesome’ is characterized most by self-awareness and brutal honesty. With songs like ‘Cocaine and a Dream’, “Ain’t About You’, and “I Love Country Music (More Than I Ever Loved You)’, Nickola draws her listener into a world where telling the truth is paramount and essential to self-preservation. A storyteller at heart, Nickola Magnolia’s work draws quick comparisons to the work of Shania Twain, Jade Eagleson, and Joni Mitchell. Musically, the influence of Dolly Parton, John Prine, Jewel, and, of course, Townes Van Zandt, are all present and honoured. Speaking about deciding which of her songs to include on the record, Nickola says, “ There were two songs I was hesitant to include, they’re so personal I felt embarrassed. I wrote them over 10 years ago, so revisiting felt naive. Ultimately I thought: you know what? That’s how I felt in the moment, and that’s the damn truth.”. This is Nickola Magnolia’s greatest strength and what casts her as a singular voice in the Canadian country music scene, as well as the broader Canadian music scene at large – her determination and ability to tell her truth. And what is country music but the truth?

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