Town of Cobourg Begins Agreement with Northumberland Humane Society

The Town of Cobourg and the Northumberland Humane Society have entered into a five-year renewable agreement to provide certain animal control services beginning January 1, 2022.

“The Town of Cobourg and the Northumberland Humane Society will continue to actively promote and provide a safe and healthy environment for all animals within the community while maintaining and providing an exceptional level of Animal Control Services to Town of Cobourg Residents,” said Brent Larmer, Director of Legislative Services and Municipal Clerk for the Town of Cobourg. “On behalf of the Town I am pleased to be entering into an agreement with a non-profit that provides an essential community resource dedicated to all animals in need.”

The agreement outlines the Town of Cobourg’s quarterly financial commitment of $36,000, plus HST, payable to the Northumberland Humane Society, which results in a $68,000 reduction in Animal Control costs to ratepayers from the Town’s previous Services Agreement, for the provision of the following services:

  • Providing animal shelter that meets all applicable standards of the Town and provincial or federal standards for such shelters.
  • Remaining open and staffed from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Operating and maintaining the shelter including collecting any impound fees or other fees as set forth in the Animal Control By-Law.
  • Participating in community activities to promote a better understanding of animal control problems. 

The Town of Cobourg will be responsible for providing the following animal control services: 

  • Providing By-law Enforcement Officers for the purposes of enforcing the Animal Control 
    By-Law including issuing tickets or charges relating to offences under the Animal Control By-Law and any other applicable provincial legislation.
  • Delivery of domestic animals to the shelter.

“The Northumberland Humane Society is pleased to have the opportunity to be of service to the Town and the residents of Cobourg,” said Frank Mastinsek, Chair of the Humane Society. “The services we will be providing are an extension of our day-to-day responsibilities which are devoted to animal care, and all can be assured that the animals brought to us as a result of this agreement will be looked after and well cared for.”

The Northumberland Humane Society is located at 371 Ward Street in Port Hope is currently closed to the public in accordance with the Province of Ontario’s regulations due to the ongoing pandemic and is operating on an appointment basis. Staff continue to care for shelter animals.

For those in need of surrendering a pet or interested in adoption email or call 905-885-4131.  

Animal Control Issues
For those requiring assistance from an Animal Control Services Officer for regarding an animal-related incident including but not limited to a lost or found pet, sick or injured stray animal, animal-related by-law infraction, or other animal-related emergencies, call 905-372-4301 or email

Animal Licensing and DocuPet
The Town of Cobourg is responsible for its own animal licensing as well as enforcement of the Animal Control Bylaw #021-2014 requiring residents to purchase a dog tag every year. View the DocuPet webpage for more information.

For a complete list of provisions as outlined within the Town of Cobourg and Northumberland Humane Society agreement please view the Animal Control Services webpage.

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