On Friday January 14, 2022 shortly before 4:00 p.m.members from The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Prince Edward County Detachment responded to a report of an individual who was missing that may have been seen on the ice. With the assistance of the East Region Emergency Response Team, East Region Canine Unit and Prince Edward County Fire and Rescue, officers responded to County Road 20 in Hillier Ward. 

Information was obtained that an individual was on the ice walking their dog. A subsequent search lead to an individual being located deceased in the water. 

While the ice may look tempting for ice fishing, skating, walking or other activities, PLEASE do not trust the ice. The temperatures have been erratic this winter and much of the ice is not thick enough to safely support people. Don’t put your own life, and the lives of first responders at risk.

If you do venture out, proper use of safety equipment can reduce the risks of traveling over ice covered bodies of water. Possibilities include: wearing of survival suits, carrying picks (used to grip ice to pull yourself out of the water) and carrying a rescue rope.

For further information on ice safety from the Royal Lifesaving Society, visit: Ice Safety.

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