Municipality of Trent Hills requests rocket engine testing facility cease operations

The Municipality of Trent Hills has been in receipt of many inquiries, concerns and complaints pertaining to rocket engine testing taking place in the rural area at a site on County Road 29. The Municipality referred the matter to legal counsel.

On October 7, 2022, through legal counsel, the Municipality requested from the site owner and occupier a commitment to voluntarily cease rocket engine testing at the site. If future testing at the site is desired, the Municipality is hopeful that the site owner will commit to bringing forward an appropriate planning application and no such use occur while planning approval is being sought. A planning process arising from such application would include the prescribed public meeting requirements, and would involve provision and assessment of the information/studies required by the Provincial Policy Statement and other governing planning documents, as well as formal comment from involved agencies with overlapping jurisdiction or regulatory responsibility.

The Municipality has also made additional inquiries of the owner and occupier related to the applicability of certain provisions of the Municipal Act, 2001 and other information that is expected to have some bearing on next steps. The site owner and occupier have been given deadlines for response within this month, after which the Municipality will assess what, if anything, is required, depending on the response received and immediate cessation of the use.

As this situation evolves, if there remains a desire to continue the use, the Municipality has a range of options both to engage with the site owner and occupier and to address the public’s concerns about rocket engine testing taking place in our municipality, based on zoning law and other legal remedies available under the Municipal Act, 2001.

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