OPEN HOUSE: Take a tour of the new and improved Cobourg Fire Hall and meet the new Fire Chief

The Cobourg Fire Department is inviting members of the public to attend an Open House at the Cobourg Fire Hall on Wednesday, November 16, 2022.

The Cobourg Fire Hall recently underwent renovations after receiving an Ontario Builds Grant from the Province of Ontario. These renovations have allowed the Fire Department to improve operational health and safety through the introduction of a proper decontamination area. This area provides firefighters the ability to remove and wash contaminated firefighting gear and immediately shower. This will reduce fire related cancers and create a safe work environment. A proper bunker gear storage area has been added to ensure gear is stored properly and is ready for the next emergency. Additionally, new technology has been introduced that will enhance the ability to train staff.  

Members of the community are invited to take a tour of the updated facility, guided by members of the Cobourg Fire Department. The Open House will also provide an opportunity for community members to meet Cobourg’s new Fire Chief, Ellard Beaven.

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