PETITION: Concerned community members have launched a petition, supporting the review of Shanika Kurukulasuriya’s dismissal from the Northumberland Humane Society

Several community members and community partners of the Northumberland Humane Society are left wondering what the fate of the service and shelter will look like after General Manager, Shanika Kurukulasuriya was fired without notice last Friday morning.

Information obtained by Northumberland County Breaking News Feed by multiple concerned business owners and partners of the service indicated Shanika reported for work, Friday, and was dismissed without cause before being walked out of the shelter.

“Executive Director Henny Venus did the dismissal stating it was a board decision. Henny was supported by Vice Chair and HR Committee member, Veronica Marriott. Veronica stated that Shanika had done nothing wrong, and suggested having an employment lawyer to review dismissal agreement. Veronica also stated this was an organizational reconstruction decision made by the board and stated she felt that an offer of 6 weeks severance and one week to sign a termination letter, requiring Shanika to not speak out against the NHS was a good deal. She than had the audacity to hug Shanika on her way out the door.”

According to the petition launched to support the review of Shanika’s dismissal “Under Shanika’s management since 2021 the Northumberland Humane Society has adopted out 474 cats, 109 dogs and 113 small animals. This is in comparison to the 2020 number of 565 animals in total. That is a 23% increase in adoptions from the shelter alone, not including community partners.”

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