Northumberland County snow removal crews are ready for winter

Winter weather is upon us and Northumberland County road operations teams are prepared to clear the way. County crews are ready to roll when the winter weather strikes and are reminding motorists to adjust their driving habits in snowy conditions and be patient and alert when encountering snow removal equipment.

Our 25 operators have been preparing to provide 24/7 service to the almost 500 kilometers of road the County maintains, so residents can safely get to where they need to go during the winter months. Preparations and planning have been underway for many weeks, with critical maintenance on trucks and anti-icing vehicles along with the stock piling of salt and sand.

To be proactive, operators will apply a salt-brine solution to the roadway ahead of snowfalls, which helps prevents the bonding of snow and ice to the roadway.

“Our crews gear up as quickly and efficiently as possible when snow is expected,” states Associate Director of Operations Adam McCue. “Operations staff maintain a 24/7 weather watch and review weather reports five times a day to know when winter weather will hit. Road supervisors are also out traveling County roads, day and night, to check road surface temperatures and conditions. During the winter months, regardless of service levels, residents are being reminded that winter weather can result in hazardous driving conditions, and to adjust their driving accordingly.”

Everyone plays a role when it comes to snow. Drivers should always adjust their driving for the road conditions, leave extra room in case you need to stop suddenly and watch for flashing lights on road equipment.

If you must drive during bad weather remember to:

  • Limit travel as much as possible
  • Clear all snow and ice from your car before driving
  • Slow your roll and drive slow in the snow
  • Be patient and never pass a working snowplow. Snowplows drive a maximum of 30-40 km/hr working to make our roads as safe as possible
  • Give other drivers around you space and patience
  • Turn your head lights on at all times, even during the day
  • Keep a roadside emergency kit in your car (i.e. blanket, shovel, flash light, snacks, first aid, etc.)

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