Northumberland snowmobile clubs award $17k grant for enhanced trail maintenance in the County Forest

With another dump of snow across Northumberland this week, Northumberland County is preparing to welcome snowmobilers back to the County Forest for the 2023 season. And this season, there will be enhanced trail maintenance thanks to funding from the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) and the Great Pine Ridge Snowmobile Association (GPRSA).

OFSC District 3 Administrator Katherine Johnston and GPRSA Vice President Bernie Harrigan recently presented Northumberland County staff with a cheque for $17,732 through their grant program for advancing snowmobile tourism opportunities in Ontario. Funds will be used to enhance trail safety in the Northumberland County Forest by building a new section of trail, repairing sections of the existing trail network, and modifying an exit/entrance to the trail network.

“Safe trails are a top priority for our snowmobile association,” states Bernie Harrigan. We are pleased to have worked with both the OFSC and Northumberland County to improve this trail section for all users. We look forward to similar future cooperative projects.”

“Northumberland County thanks the OFSC and GPRSA for this grant and for their partnership to enhance snowmobile trails in the Forest for improved winter recreation experiences for our residents and visitors,” states County CAO Jennifer Moore.

The Northumberland County Forest has an extensive network of recreational trails, including 47 kilometers of trail designated for motorized sports like snowmobiling.

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